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  3. Getting around to watching this “Harry Potter” everyone’s been talking about

    Okay, i admit it, i’ve never seen a single Harry Potter film. I know *gasp* but when they were being released I was too old and “too cool” for anything with mass popularity. Whatever. After telling my class, who seem to be more of that generation, that I had never seen it I thought I’d give it a go and document it. We’ll see how far I get.

    I decided to skip over the first Harry Potter because while I have technically never seen the film, I had to watch a parody of the first one for a grad school film class (i know), so I basically know what happens.

    My thoughts on the Chamber of Secrets, in chronological order:

    - Harry is so young. They all are. I’m watching children.

    - Why am I watching him chase around a tiny house dwarf? this is weird.

    - Is that beared guy in the Lord of the Rings?

    - Huh, im starting to get some pop cultural references. 

    - Okay, this isn’t so bad. The visuals are pretty good.

    - Huh, this is actually kind of freaky. I don’t like all that whispering.


    - this is terrifying, is this supposed to be for kids? am I a child?

    - a phoenix tear? seriously? *eye roll*

    - this movie reminds me of a lot of 90’s movies, the ghosts look like they’re out of The Frighteners

    - alright, i’ll watch the next one.

  4. Must Watch Movie: Born In Flames

    Why: Aside from the completely sweet soundtrack, the film is a pillar in feminist film. Also, look out for a very young Kathryn Bigelow. 

    Deep Cuts: If you dig this than check out Su Friedrich’s doc called Lesbian Avengers Eat Fire

  5. Must Watch Movie: The World, The Flesh and the Devil

    Why: Not only does Harry Belafonte shine but this film, released in 1959, touches upon some very real racial issues that no one dared to touch back then.The cinematography is also a precursor for the Walking Dead, especially in how the empty streets are shot. The ending is also very progressive.

  6. Favourite Movie Quotes: Wet Hot American Summer

  7. Favourite Movie Quotes: Drop Dead Gorgeous

  8. Favourite Movie Quotes: Heathers

  9. Favourite Movie Quotes: Empire Records

  10. it’ll be alright. it’ll be alright.